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UAV Technology
28th – 29th September 2020

Unmanned aerial systems are increasingly taking their place as indispensable assets to the modern military: whether as long range ISR assets, remote combat UAS, soldier-launched tactical systems, or “wingmen” for manned aircraft, UAVs are now a reality of warfare. With this in mind, SMi Group proudly presents the 5th annual UAV Technology conference, taking place on the 28th – 29th September 2020 as a virtual conference only.

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Defence Safety Conference 2020
5th – 6th October 2020

SMi Group’s Defence Safety Conference will return to London for its third year on 5th – 6th October 2020.

Supported by the UK MoD Defence Safety Authority, this event will explore the safe delivery of defence capabilities across the land, air and maritime domains to provide a holistic overview of safety within the military.

As the only event solely dedicated to enhancing defence safety, the conference is unparalleled in its ability to bring together senior safety practitioners from across the globe to discuss the protection of lives and capability.

Key highlights:

  • Hear senior briefings from military personnel, duty holders, regulators and operators from the land, air and maritime domains
  • Discuss strategies to enhance the protection of lives and capability while maintaining operational effectiveness
  • Uncover new systems and technologies that will optimise your military safety processes
  • Meet and network with military stakeholders and international experts within defence safety from around the world

For more information or to register, visit http://www.defencesafety.com/homelandsec

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Identity Week Asia
14th-15th October 2020
Location: Digital, Live

Identity Week Asia Virtual will explore the complete spectrum of the identity lifecycle, from how organizations are approaching the task of on-boarding, authenticating and authorising citizens, consumers or employees, to how they can access services across multiple markets in the physical, digital and mobile domains.

Identity Week Asia Virtual will be a global forum for ideas and knowledge exchange, bringing together the identity sector to promote innovation, new thinking, and more effective identity solutions. It will recognise the major impact that Asia is having on the global identity scene, with some of the most technologically advanced implementations on a large scale.

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SecurityExpo 2020
21th-22th October 2020

The objective of the SecurityExpo Munich is to demonstrate the safety and security technology that protects from internal and external criminal attacks: Industrial plants, banks, clinics, transport companies, trade, railway stations, airports, museums, private households and public authorities.

The SecurityExpo, with its top-class daily program, is an innovator for futuristic security technology. In addition to the security aspect, the focal point also includes the economic benefits of investments.
The trade fair is focused on:

  • Building Security, Entrance Control, CCTV, Fire Prevention
  • Perimeter Protection, IT- Security
  • Alarm Equipment, Smart Home Security

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21 – 23 October 2020
PRAGUE, Czech Republic

International exhibition and expert events on the latest trends and technologies in defence and security. All events are focused on the presentation of needs of armed and security forces, lessons learned, state-of-the-art technologies, R&D programmes, and business opportunities, with interactions between all participants due to the interconnected topics. Global networking – governments, international organisations, industry, R&D institutions meet at one place. NATO and the European Defence Agency are involved in shaping the programme and expert working groups have their annual sessions within the FFF.

Main Events & Conferences:
* Future Forces Exhibition
* Individual Soldier & Law Enforcement Systems
* CBRN & Medical
* Robotic & Autonomous Systems
* Modelling & Simulation for Autonomous Systems
* Military Logistics
* Cyber Security & Defence, Biometrics, 5G
* Official NATO Working Groups’ Sessions

More information available at www.future-forces-forum.org or www.NATOexhibition.org

REGISTRATION Form – Online registration for FFF 2020 participants will be available during 2020.

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SMi Group’s Future Armoured Vehicles Survivability conference will return to London for its 6th year on 11th – 12th November 2020.

Bringing together senior military and industry experts, this event will discuss key survivability concepts across the spectrum, with briefings on situational awareness, concealment and signature management, IED protection systems and mine resistance, armour material technologies and much more.

Not only this, but the conference will once again host a dedicated pre-conference Active Protection Systems Focus Day on the 10th November, which will provide detailed and exclusive insight into how leading nations are integrating APS into their existing and future vehicle fleets.

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PMRExpo 2020 – Network for Secure Communications
24.- 26. Nov. 2020

PMRExpo is the leading European trade fair for professional mobile radio and control centres. Koelnmesse has been its home since 2009. This location, which has good national and international transport links, is where the PMR community renews its contacts every November. The trade fair and its accompanying three-day programme of presentations is continually developing. The same applies to its intersectoral subjects, the range of exhibitors and the service. The accompanying programme of presentations consists of threr focus days. Focus day 1: Strategy & Innovation, focus day 2: User & Best Practice, focus day 3: Command & Control Centres. The presentations, discussions and interactive contributions provide the latest information, field reports and prospects for the future of PMR and control centres. The PMRExpo will take place on 3 days from 24th to 26th of November 2020 in Cologne.
More information: www.pmrexpo.com

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Demining and EOD Seminar Zagreb
13 – 15  April,
Zagreb, Croatia

Demining operations are still taking place in Croatia and neighbouring nations. We are pleased to be bringing our inaugural Demining and EOD Seminar to Zagreb to review the current situation and the plan for the next few years to finally make Croatia a mine free country. Many IGOs and NGOs are working tirelessly to clear the minefields in the region and there is a key importance on international cooperation in making the world mine clear by 2025. Technology in demining is also evolving with many new solutions being adopted to clear mines to help lower casualties. Solutions such as robotics and drones are now being used to assist with clearing mine sites especially in areas where it is difficult to detect mines. Our Demining and EOD Seminar will bring together leading officials who are working on mine clearance in Croatia as well as across the Balkans. You will hear in-depth presentations and case studies from regional Mine Action Centres as well as other international organisations who are supporting local governments to clear the mine fields.

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CBRNe Summit Europe 2021
27. – 29. April,
Brno, Czech Republic

CBRNe Summit Europe is returning to Brno, Czech Republic for our 7th annual event. Many major cities across Europe have faced critical incidents over the past few years. With terrorism threat levels high across Europe and the increased use of chemical agents being used by terrorist organisations this is a key event to attend. During our international event you will hear perspectives from military and civil officials who deal with CBRNe incidents. Many governments across the region have realised the importance of CBRNe capabilities and preparedness and budgets have been increased to deal with the new type of threats faced to civilians. CBRNe Summit Europe will focus on a number of key topics across the whole CBRNe domain such as CBRNe capabilities of military and civil agencies, first responder techniques, asymmetrical threats, medical countermeasures to chem-bio threats, decontamination developments and techniques, countering IED’s, CBRNe threat intelligence, CBRNe forensics and many more.

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