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14th Homeland Security Week
November 20-22, 2019
Grand Hyatt Washington

With the rise of domestic and foreign acts of terrorism and the increase of global instability, Homeland Security Week 2019 has been designed to focus on priorities, policies and framework to enhance and secure our nation from the evolving landscape of current and future threats.

This 14th Annual Homeland Security Week will bring together top homeland security leaders from government, industry and academia to dive into current challenges and future requirements necessary for government agencies directly or indirectly responsible for matters of homeland security. Through keynote presentations, panel discussions, project updates, case studies, and intimate roundtables, we’ll facilitate a complex, joint, multilayered plan to combat evolving threats our country faces.

Homepage: https://www.idga.org/events-homelandsecurityweek
Event Agenda: https://www.idga.org/events-homelandsecurityweek/agenda-mc?-ty-b
Registration: https://www.idga.org/events-homelandsecurityweek/srspricing

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PMRExpo 2019
26. bis 28. November 2019, Koelnmesse

Neues Design, interaktiveres Programm – bewährte Qualitäten! Die 19. PMRExpo zeigt sich vom 26. bis 28. November 2019 auf der Koelnmesse in neuem Gewand. Der optische Auftritt der europäischen Leitmesse für sichere Kommunikation wurde für die rund 4300 Besucher aufgefrischt und modernisiert. Auf rund 4.800m² zeigen zudem 230 internationale Aussteller die neuesten Innovationen des professionellen Mobilfunks. Das Programm ist interaktiver gestaltet und lebt vom Austausch mit dem Publikum. Die Themen des Summit Sichere Kommunikation in diesem Jahr: Breitbandkommunikation, Internet of Life Saving Things (IoT-Kommunikationslösungen), Cloud-Lösungen- und Anwendungen sowie die Sicherheit in kritischen Kommunikations-Infrastrukturen.

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Through state-of-the-art national security programs, Dubai serves as a benchmark of urban safety. The city continues to set global standards for crime prevention despite boasting a booming tourism industry and a transient population. Commendably, the organization at the core of these security frameworks is The Dubai Police. With this in mind, we are pleased to organize the International Conference of Crime Prevention under the patronage of The Dubai Police to highlight the programs underwriting UAE’s nation-wide safety strategies while exploring the global initiatives shaping the future of urban safety and security. This unprecedented 2- day summit is dedicated to both strengthening the future of community policing and exchanging best-practices in crime prevention.

For more information please visit https://bit.ly/2NzUmVh or email the organizer at partnerships@gmevents.ae.

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During the Senegal Navy’s 45th birthday celebrations, Africa Maritime Security Forum will reveal Senegal’s impressive naval base and fleet capabilities to the international community as well as their commitment to international navy cooperation. The 45th birthday celebrations will see the participation of Africa’s naval leadership as they commemorate Senegal Navy’s contributions to maritime security and further empower collaboration.

For more information please visit https://bit.ly/33FutZD or call 971 45687800.

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Mobile Deployable Communications
30th – 31st January 2020
Warsaw, Poland

With support from the Polish Armed Forces, the 13th annual Mobile Deployable Communications conference returns to Warsaw in January 2020. Featuring exclusive briefings from key regional partners and their international allies, the conference explores battlefield communications systems in the Central and Eastern European operational environment and their role in maximising operational effectiveness.

Early Bird Discounts!
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Learn more at: http://www.mobiledeployable.com/homelandsec2

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SMi’s 5th annual Maritime Reconnaissance and Surveillance Technology will return to Rome on the 5th and 6th February 2020. As the only Maritime ISR meeting in Italy with a specific focus on Maritime Space Domain Awareness, the conference will bring together the widest range of expert nations ever to discuss key operational and technological challenges facing navies and other maritime organisations, as they resolve to monitor the sea and protect their borders.

Platforms and topics discussed include: Space based ISR, Airborne Platforms & Operations, C4ISTAR, Unmanned Maritime Systems, Hydrographic platforms and many more.

Register online at www.maritime-recon.com/homelandsec

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Border Security Conference
11th – 12th February 2020
Rome, Italy

Exploring the latest technological solutions and political strategies to secure land, air, and sea borders in response to growing global threats.

Now in its thirteenth year, the Border Security conference has established itself as a market leader in this sector and will bring together senior military staff, government figures and industry from around the world, all responsible in their own way for enhancing border security capabilities on a global scale.

Early Bird Discounts!
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Register by 13th December to save £100

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Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness
1-2 April 2020
London, UK

In an increasingly complex and congested digital battlespace, the need to provide near real-time information on the whereabouts of an adversary’s location and intent, using enhanced situational awareness capabilities, is vital in aiding armoured units to respond quickly to incoming threats. It is therefore imperative for our defence forces to have a greater understanding of the capabilities available, to enhance both combat effectiveness and the survivability of the vehicle.

SMi Group proudly presents the fifth annual conference in the sell-out portfolio of Armoured Vehicle events: Future Armoured Vehicles Situational Awareness 2020, the leading conference for armoured vehicle experts focused on C2, C4i, sensors, optronics and vehicle architecture.

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21 – 23 October 2020
PRAGUE, Czech Republic

International exhibition and expert events on the latest trends and technologies in defence and security. All events are focused on the presentation of needs of armed and security forces, lessons learned, state-of-the-art technologies, R&D programmes, and business opportunities, with interactions between all participants due to the interconnected topics. Global networking – governments, international organisations, industry, R&D institutions meet at one place. NATO and the European Defence Agency are involved in shaping the programme and expert working groups have their annual sessions within the FFF.

Main Events & Conferences:
* Future Forces Exhibition
* Individual Soldier & Law Enforcement Systems
* CBRN & Medical
* Robotic & Autonomous Systems
* Modelling & Simulation for Autonomous Systems
* Military Logistics
* Cyber Security & Defence, Biometrics, 5G
* Official NATO Working Groups’ Sessions

More information available at www.future-forces-forum.org or www.NATOexhibition.org

REGISTRATION Form – Online registration for FFF 2020 participants will be available during 2020
EXHIBITOR Application Form – 10% Early Bird discount till 31. 12. 2019