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Global Security 1-2022

Packed Plastic Waste (Source: Minoru Yokoyama, Professor Emeritus of Kokugakuin University in Tokyo)

Issue of Global Security:

Criminology – Garbage Disposal in Tokyo //

Environmental problems become global.  For example, plastic products thrown away at seacoasts in China and Korea, flow to seacoasts in Japan. A lot of plastic pieces floating on oceans give damage to creatures living in the sea. This problem has to be discussed seriously at international conferences on environmental issues.

Minoru Yokoyama, Professor Emeritus of Kokugakuin University in Tokyo, member of our editorial team, discusses the development of garbage disposal in Tokyo, the current system of garbage disposal, as well as the recycling system. Yokoyama hopes that his essay will give some suggestions to people living all over the world to realize a recycling society and a society with fewer emission of carbon to prevent global warming.

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