Safety and Security

International scientific journal

The international scientific journal Science^2 – Safety and Security is released once a year.

The interdisciplinary research area of safety and security has developed into an independent scientific discipline within the last few years. Problems and a number of challenges in this area are increasingly attracting the interest of the public. For that reason, we decided to publish an international scientific journal “Science^2 – Safety and Security”. In particular, we focus on the scientific side but also give the politics and the industrial sector, respected for product development and technical expertise, a say. Science^2 outlines the interaction of science, politics and industry.

Ideas and approaches relating to security research themes, which are of particular concern at the moment, are presented to the international scientific community. The idea for this international scientific journal was prompted by a request from highly reputable professors: On the one hand, the aims of the platform will be to give scientists and developers the opportunity to present new results and developments. On the other hand, current developments will be also presented to a broad international readership in a comprehensible way.

The international scientific journal is distributed both nationally and internationally, in Europe, in the U.S.A., in Japan, South Africa and Canada, e. g. International scientists give an insight into their country-specific research projects, as for example Prof. Dr. Linda Keena, University of Mississippi (United States), and Prof. Dr. Minoru Yokoyama, Kokugakuin University (Japan).

Universities, technical colleges and research institutions, industrial companies and SME, relief organisations, selected ministries as well as public authorities and organisations that perform security tasks belong to the target group at home and abroad.

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