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Newsletter PMRExpo 2018

Are you interested in reading our newsletter not only online on our website (please click on the picture; newsletter in German language) but on a more regular basis?
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PMRExpo 2018

It’s just a matter of days until PMRExpo 2018 opens its doors: from 27 to 29 November 2018, the leading European trade fair for secure communications will welcome
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Homeland Security 2-2018

Aktuelle Ausgabe Homeland Security, u. a. mit folgendem Thema: Smart Cities – Datenbasierte Stadtverwaltung // Es wird eng in Deutschlands Städten, auf dem Wohnungsmarkt sowie in vielen öffentlichen
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Global Security 1-2018

Issue of Global Security: Criminology – Development of Legal Gambling and Lottery in Japan // Under Japanese Penal Code gambling and lottery are prohibited. However, several kinds of
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