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HS 3-2015


Kernkraftwerk Grafenrheinfeld, south of Schweinfurt. Source: Homeland Security

Issue of Homeland Security:

Safety in nuclear power plants//

Accident in a nuclear power plant, Fukushima: Who feels responsible for the catastrophe and the many victims? What did the police do, what was the focus of there work? Our editor Prof. Dr. Minoru Yokoyama from Tokyo gives an insight into this issue. What do our neighbours in Switzerland do in the event of a nuclear accident? Every ten years Potassium iodide 65 AApot tablets will be delivered to those who live within a certain distance (50 kilometres) of a nuclear power plant. The industry also invested to a greater extent in new technologies after the accident in Fukushima…

If you are interested in an extract of the current issue (in German) please click here.