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Global Security 1-2017

Aichi Prefectural Police installed another sign board at the main entrance of Nagoya Railway Station. On the board they showed two special inspection areas, that is, around Chubu Centrair International Airport marked by a circle with orange color and around Nagoya Railway Stetion marked by the upper half circle.

Issue of Global Security:

Terrorism – A Development of Preventive Measures Against Terrorism in Japan //

In his article “A Development of Preventive Measures Against Terrorism in Japan”, Minoru Yokoyama, Professor Emeritus of Kokugakuin University in Tokyo, will explain the history of terrorism, especially terrorism by radical leftists who appeared in the early 1970s. Some of radical leftists carried out terrorism overseas in cooperation with Palestinian terrorists. Japanese Police developed to prevent such terrorism. After the fish of Cold War in 1989 the conservatism became prevalent, in which terroristic activities by radical leftists waned. However, our government continued to improve the preventive measures against terrorism especially after September 11 Attacks in 2001. In Japan, the intensive scheme on measures against terrorism was established before 34th G8 Summit at Toyako held in 2008. In this article the author will analyze how the police succeeded in guarding for 42nd G7 Summit
held at Ise-Shima in 2016.

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