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ShieldAfrica 8-10 June 2021 The meeting of reference for all decision-makers in Africa Abidjan becomes for 3 days a real crossroads of high-level exchanges on the issues of
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PMRExpo 2021

PMRExpo 2021: vom 23. bis 25. November in Köln „In diesen herausfordernden Zeiten ist uns allen sehr bewusst geworden, wie wichtig der persönliche Austausch ist. Und wir haben
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Milipol Qatar Postponement

Force Majeure Leads to Milipol Qatar Postponement Until March 2021 Organisers of Milipol Qatar, the leading international event for homeland security and civil defence, have announced force majeure
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Milipol Qatar 2020

Discover Homeland Security Issues for the Post Pandemic Era At Milipol Qatar. The first industry showcase of its type in the new normal world, Milipol Qatar will bring
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